How to Cut Leaching Field Pipes


I have 3 pipes at the end of my leaching field that look to be maintenance related. I’m sick of looking at them, so I’d like to cut them down to grade and cap them. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with a project like this. Could anyone offer a tutorial or some tips on how I could do this myself? Are these definitely maintenance only? Is there a reason they are so high? Can I use the same maintenance caps I have or do I have to attach new ones after cutting the pipes to grade?

Here are a couple pics of what I’ll be working with:


Thanks so much in advance!

First step - check to see if what you want to do is legal in your area. Probably the Health dept.
you will need new end fittings after you cut the pipe as they are most likely glued on.
Simple project after you determine it is OK.

What you are describing indicates you have an engineered system. The engineered drawings should be on file with the county Health Department. As Charles indicated, you need to discuss this matter with them. Don’t be surprised if they will require a visit from one of their inspectors to verify compliance.

Those appear to be inspection ports to monitor individual rows in the leech bed, probably OK to lower them to grade but as others have said it’s best to check the plan first.