How to get more inspections

Keeping with the thread from Jason Payne, I’ve been wondering what was that one thing that other inspectors have done that got the business bus coming to them? Of the inspectors that have begun their business with the last four years ( to keep things current ) what was that thing you did to start betting work? I have been beating the doors off the realtors to be put on their inspectors list. I have the top licenses in the state for inspection (Professional Inspector, Mold Assessment Consultant and a commercial applicator) which means I can do home, mold and termite inspections. I’ve gotten many certifications here and a reasonable web page. Still little work. My customers all like what I have done. my responsiveness, professionalism and reports. sup?

Daniel the game today is marketing. There are a number of paths you can explore and opinions on this forum vary. It sounds like you have already tackled the hurdle of having something unique to offer so that’s good. You have to decide on how are you going to market Daniel.

I’m in my first year so take my advice with a grain of salt.

1st) Have you joined your local real estate association? Typically, you’ll get emailed a monthly list of agents who have joined the association. There’s other “perks” as well but getting a list of new agents (a plus if they just got their license) is the golden egg. My local REA is pretty inconsistent about this but maybe yours will be different.

2nd) I’ve stopped do the RE office visits. I’ve gotten 1 inspection from going to RE offices in 8+ months and have gotten ton of “I’ll definitely give you a call”. Still waiting on those calls… So I’ve shifted to open house marketing. I’ve gotten 7 inspections from one agent I met at an open house and have meetings with a couple other ones, all pre-covid. I actually need to get back on the open house circuit.

Keep putting in the legwork and definitely let the realtors know about your different certifications, a lot of realtors like have an inspector that’s a “one stop shop”.

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