How To Hire Additional Inspector

I have almost reached my limit of inspection business that I can comfortably handle and if next years business increases anything like this year, will have to turn away business.

Anybody out there had the experience of hiring or taking on partner for their business? Would you share you experiences, what worked, what didn’t and what you would do if you had to do it over again.

My business is based on referral so am very leery of just hiring somebody who could damage my reputation. I had a P Eng working with me for a while but he got offered a huge position in Toronto so that was the end him. Have started training 3 other people who have all quit when they realized the extent of courses and the knowledge required and the time they would have to devote to training.

Please use email if possible to reply with information :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi Roger,

I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago but haven’t got much response.

I have been through this very issue myself. I feel that you can hire and take your chances of them stealing your contacts, or find a partner who you are prob. not going to get along with in a few years. I have lost on both side of this issue. I now only will operate as a one inspector firm. Great for when things are slow (Low overhead) and less of a chance that some one can steel your clients and your cash.

Good luck!


I tried to hire an inspector a couple of years ago. He came out of one of the schools. I trained him for six months, got him all set up, and sent him out on his own. Unfortuantely we all look for an inspector in our own mold. I would go to his inspections and find things he missed or did not complete. I found myself working harder than before and having to pay him. For me it was just not worth the trouble. I figured if I was going to have to pay for something, I might as well be the one to miss it.

On the other hand, firms like housemaster (a franchise) and other inspection companies in the area have multiple inspectors and seem to do fine. You do hear about missed items every now and then. I guess it just depends on your management skills and how much you are willing to put up with.

Another thing to consider. Make sure they have a no compete clause in their contract. Many guys will work for a while and then decide to go out on their own. They will not think twice about stealing your cllients.

William, You are correct on both accounts. Many do not have the ethics you need for this industry.
Also some of the multi inspector firms have serious problems. One nearby hired his younger brother. The brother should not have been near a house. One person called me to set up inspection, but when I found it was to try to sue the former inspector , I advised him to contact them to resolve the issues. He said they had spent $47,000 repairing items the little boy missed. They kept telling him he no longer worked for them and they were not responsible. I told him to call them as they sent him out to represent them and if they refused to help to advise them he was calling head office in US. Insurance ended up paying almost $50,000. Same guy cost his insurance $57,000 an another house. That is the risk you take with hiring. They feel as they are not the main company, they are not taking as much of a risk and are not as carefull.
Also too hire someone you need to make money on them, so they will not feel this is a lucrative business. Those that are good, end up working for themselves and making good money.
I would not work for someone in this business, how much will they pay?

Roger, if your prices are too low this may not attract someone with good qualifications. As you stated, when they find out what is involved they feel this is not worth the returns. This should help you realize it is a good time to raise your price to what professional inspectors charge.
I am hearing that some inspectors charge $375 to $450 in our area.

I agree with you, David:

“This should help you realize it is a good time to raise your price to what professional inspectors charge. I am hearing that some inspectors charge $375 to $450 in our area.”

If Roger is this busy and only charges 199. or thereabouts, he could jump to 300. immediately without any problems. After that he could gradually get up to the 400. mark. If there is so much work out there Roger would only have to do 2/3 as many inspections at 300. as he would at 200. to make the same money. At 400. he could double his income, work half as much, lower his liability by half and reduce his overhead by a lot.

Since I did something similar, I am actually making a lot more because you really only lose a bit of business and it comes back quickly. My firm’s minimum rate is now at 400. and we're busier than I was when I charged only 200. a few years ago.

I also find that I attract a better quality clientele at a more reasonable price. I believe that people should charge what they are worth. It’s unfortunate when people think so little about their own value that they give away the service for a pittance. I also find that people pay a lot more attention at the inspection if they have invested more money. We also feel comfortable being a bit choosy about which clients we will work for. Tire kickers get a bit of advice about the value of a real inspection and report and if they don’t come around quickly my receptionist gives them a couple names of people who will give the tire kicker exactly what he is willing to pay for.

On January 1, 2008 I am raising my personal fees to a minimum 600. and my other guys will be 450. minimum. Each year for the past three I have had to hire another inspector. I am about to advertise once more for another in the new year.

We can all make good money but we all have to show that we have faith in ourselves and our value.

Bill Mullen

My fathers side is from Canada so if things are that good guys,I am packing my bags.
But do I really need to study?:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your input. Will take into advisement. By the way David sent a PDI inspection your way yesterday, could not fit into my schedule and was unable to recommend anybody else :slight_smile:


I really appreciate eveyones concern with my business and my prices but there are no problems with my business. Last year I made over 115 k and this year expect quite a bit more, not sure what you guys are doing but I am quite happy with my results. While some people worry about my how my business is doing I am talking with my financial consultant to consider investment opportunities. Every day I thank the Lord for blessing me with what I have, and am not really concerned with what you think I could have.

Thanks for your concern,


I am glad for you but I like the idea of working less for the same money.
I sure enjoy more time to do other things with my family.
From the get go I have always been the leader never the follower.
I like it better at the TOP!

… Cookie


I meant no disrespect in my message and if you felt it was out of line I apologize.

You run your own business and I run mine. We each have a right to set our own policies, rules and prices. If it works for you, anyhting I or anyone else says is irrelevant.

Keep on truckin’ !!

Bill Mullen

Thanks for the referral, I think this one I passed on myself as I am swamped also. I had two people call me for PDI’s yesterday.

Still put your prices up… if you are as good as your agents feel you are, then you deserve to make good money for your efforts.

Well thanks for your thoughts everybody, a few good tidbits about the hazards of hiring another inspector and much to think about. Have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile:

Yep, Roger, just be careful. but as you did post, you already found out some of the hazards. I am almost in the same position, I had to pass off five this week, too many people want qualilfied inspectors.
It is easy to see from your site, the background, the efforts and training you have. You just would not want to mess it up by sposoring some person who does not have the same interests in it as you, because they can let the fallout come onto you. Just will not be an easy decision.
PS, put you prices up, your experience and knowledge are worth it, you are not just going onsite with time… you are going with the info in your head, years of experience and your time in training. Let it pay you back.
See you in Barrie sometime.