Just go for it or work with another inspector for a while?

I’m looking for some input here. I’m trying to decide if I should work with another inspector for a while or do my own thing.

I have a pretty diverse background in sales, marketing, design, photography, construction/flipping, and most recently in real estate. I’ve decided that home inspection appeals to my analytical nature better and moved my family to SW Florida, joined InterNACHI, am now certified, about to schedule my Florida exam.

I’d love to get on board with another company but people are paranoid and scared of me because of my background as an entrepreneur. I have a super impressive resume and wouldn’t mind signing a long-term mutually beneficial contract with the right person. I can get my own business and would gladly be willing to trade having to deal with details for some stability and support.

Here’s my question: Does that type of contract arrangement even exist in SW Florida or are people these days so afraid of “what someone might do” that they won’t even consider it?

SW Florida is 1/4 of the state. What city are you located in?

“I have a pretty diverse background in sales, marketing, design, photography, construction/flipping, and most recently in real estate.”

If you don’t work for a, or at least get mentored by a seasoned Inspector, there is a great chance of failure and lawsuits.

I know an Inspector with your similar background that can not find work due to a couple of realtors sending word of mouth that he doesn’t know how to do the job and is a legal risk to refer.

I had many (10) in construction but did not venture on my own without a mentor. Found out I didn’t know near what I thought.

Good luck

You should work with another inspector for awhile as there is alot to know before you jump in. You should also take as many of the courses here on Nachi as possible so that you can get a feel for what you should be reporting. Also, frequent the message board and just read threads as they are very educational. There is not one inspector out there that knows everything, and we learn something new everyday. However, there is a certain knowledge base that you should achieve before jumping in. Your clients are hiring you as the expert, and expect you to protect them in what likely is their biggest investment ever. If you miss something, and it cost them money, word of mouth will end your inspection carreer before it ever gets started. You seem to be an intelligent guy, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding an inspection company to put you on board and mentor you, but as far as a contract goes it would probably be a no compete contract to protect the company that hires you. Remember, at this point you don’t have a lot of value to offer as an inspector. You may have marketing skills and other attributes, but i doubt that you will get a signing bonus for that. I don’t mean that in a demeaning way, its just my opinion that anyone hiring will be looking for an inspector that contribute to the inspection process. Find a company that can put you on a team and educate you on how it is done in the field. In a couple of months you will learn a wealth of knowledge.

I’m sure there are a few on here that would disagree with you… not me…

Well, having run a real estate brokerage, being present at hundreds of inspections over the last 5 years and shadowing three inspectors in another market, I’m certainly not an imbecile, but also know I don’t know everything. Every business has it’s nuances. At the same time, there are many ways to mitigate risk and getting business isn’t rocket science. It just takes time and consistency. I’m a realist. I sit in the middle and see both the obstacles and solutions.

As for failure, the number of people who fail at anything has never deterred me because I’ve found the only failure is giving up. My wife and I started a real estate brokerage from nothing when the market was down, building a strong business on referrals alone. I also started my first business at 26 years old with no clients. If getting business or working hard phased me, I wouldn’t be the caliber of person it takes to succeed in this or any other business, and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. :slight_smile:

I don’t do things I’m average at, and, one way or another, through dedication, hard work, and whatever means necessary, WILL be a great and successful inspector. (Notice, I didn’t say, merely “make a living,” or “succeed at getting business.” That will come as a by-product of being dedicated and working hard.) I’ll take every course InterNACHI offers, get every certification I can, and work tirelessly to see that become a reality. That’s just who I am.

This business is me finally doing something I really enjoy. I’ll be fine no matter what happens and I’m very appreciative of all the input.

I hope I didn’t offend you😀
If I was in the market for an Inspector, you would be one that I would call.
There are a lot of good guys/Inspectors on here, if you are looking for a mentor, find one just outside your area or one that is going to retire soon as I did.
Good luck and welcome to FLA!

Of course not! I had my feelings surgically removed while I was in real estate. :mrgreen:

And thank you. We love it. People say it’s hot, but Louisiana was worse because of the lack of a breeze.

There is a company actively looking for new inspectors.

Chris Bleakley

Corporate Recruiter

Buyers Protection Group
Home Inspections: 1-800-285-3001
Direct Line: 770-777-6138

Fax: 866-728-2550




You are a W2 employee with them and you no longer have to pay those Hugh $800 or better per year fees for accountants / CPA services. You qualify for health and life insurance after an established grace / performance period, and get free marketing materials.

It’s nothing like a franchise because you don’t have to pay up front to go to work for them. You DO HOWEVER have to be able to afford the transition – from primary cash flow to employee status.

You make about 30 to 45 % of the fees charged by the company – but they handle everything They charge big time for your work!! Most inspection at least $400 or better. They handle all the scheduling, bill collecting etc. They also provide inspection guarantee warranty and software posting at their cost – not yours…

They will allow you to work out pricing with your favorite agents and for those investors who you have a relationship with.

And – if you want to be able to perform WDO inspections – you can do that, Too, though their CPCO.

YOU are still the primary marketer!! If you do not get out there and sell yourself – you’re going to fail big time.

Where in Louisiana are you coming from. I have family in Denham Springs, Clinton and Baton Rouge.


I’ve lived in BR for close to 20 years, but have lived in Denham and even Greensburg for a while. :slight_smile: I’ve lived all over S. Louisiana all my life but mostly in BR, Denham, Greensburg, Gonzales, Port Vincent, esentially the 5 parish area around East Baton Rouge.

Thanks for the info. I think Chris already has my resume though. He’s had it for weeks.:neutral: