How to make money with infrared seminar in Orlando, FL on January 14, 2008.

Register soon

See everyone there!


Looking forward to it!!


Are you attending the IR/INFO Conference, or just this event? I’m flying in on Sunday morning to attend the conference and will be staying with my wife’s Grandparents who live in Cocoa Beach.

Maybe we can meet for lunch or something.


It was a real pleasure meeting Greg and others today at this seminar. The presentation was top notch and very imformative.



Infraspection is set to do a show next month.

Thanks to Greg & Joe for putting this on. It was an afternoon well spent.

It was great to see all of the different cameras that are available.

Infraspection is planning on bringing a level 1 class to Orlando in March or April of this year.

Thanks to Infraspection for allowing us to attend.


Sorry to have missed it.

Do you know if they can do a Building Science class in April or March?

Hi Matt

I will have to check on that.


If could look in to that. From what I hear and have read here on the MB, the building science IR course is geared much more for home inspection applications. I would love to take the BS IR class in April or March.

Thanks for all you do for FLNACHI.