"How To Perform Energy Audits" Course

This thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in the InterNACHI course titled, “How to Perform Energy Audits.”

This course is the largest, most in-depth course of its kind. After successful completion of the training, the student will be able to perform energy audits using visual inspection techniques, a blower door, and an infrared camera. And, in keeping with InterNACHI’s commitment to Continuing Education, this online course is open and free to all members, and can be taken again and again, without limit.

Upon successful completion of this training, the student shall be able to perform residential energy audits using visual inspection techniques, a blower door, and an infrared camera.

Students are free to pose questions and comments here and join in the conversation with other students. The thread will be monitored by the course instructor.

Contact: Director of Education, Ben Gromicko ben@internachi.org

Thank you.

completing course requirements for final examination

I just took this, and thought it was very good. I learned a lot of things I hadn’t known before.
Very detailed, and well done. Thanks!

Just completed the course. Excellent!

Hey, isn’t this the course that ran Bushy out of this business???

The basic ways of enterprise energy audit is based on the principle of energy balance, material balance, the statistical analysis of the utilization of energy of the state-owned enterprises, including enterprise’s basic situation investigation, production and management of field investigation, data collection and review summary, a typical system and equipment running status survey, energy and material inventory audit and so on a content, supplemented by site inspection when necessary, to the enterprise production and business operation in the process of input and output of a full range of audit, closed, analyzing various factors (or link) which affect the level of energy and material consumptions, so as to screen out the problems of waste and energy saving potential, and to analyze the causes of the problem, puts forward improvement measures.:)](http://pcb.hqew.net/?s=544864)

Starting the course

everyone should try to save energy

ready, thank you

And don’t forget about the certification logo http://www.nachi.org/certified-home-energy-auditor.htm

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Here we go

Just completed the course. Great information.

I would like to comment on the methods of heat transfer. In addition to the three listed as conduction, convection, and radiation, I believe that the latent heat of evaporation and condensation of water is also critical and should be added to the list.

Consider that the infrared camera is seeing relative temperature differences and the primary driver of these differences is evaporation.

I like the idea. We’ll work on that.


Hi Everyone:
Just completed this course. It showed me what to expect and what to look for during any HVAC upgrade installations and duct or chimney modifications. Nice course to complete the HVAC training with.

Hi everyone:
I just finished the energy audit course and it really helped me understand how a home can be so energy deficient. The different ways of looking and gauging how a home energy audit can be helpful was very informative. A really great course for both beginner and expert.

I am taking the course, it has a lot of information. Have a picture. It is a heater that has been in a house for over 40 years.

getting started, better late than never

So how do you get this course started ?..Wow a lot of bull crap just to take this course what’s up with that ?