How to reap benefits?

Good day esteemed inspectors,

I am only asking at this time, how does one take advatage of certain interNACHI benefits? Specifically, I will be going to disneyland soon and I see that members can get a 10% discount…but how? Simply present my official membership card? Whatever procedure is required may also come in handy in case this MN boy (currently residing in subzero temps and much snow) can find other NACHI benefits which may be useful in the Palm Springs and Anaheim area. but hey, mainly the disneyland one, I never miss diz when in CA
thanks much
mike in MN

Go here:

Scroll down to nearly the bottom of that page.

Click on the green Super Deals button.

Follow those directions carefully to register for your Super Deals.

You have to register for the Super Deals separately. Do it. They have saved me thousands of dollars. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t use them.

Check with your local credit union for deals on multi day park hopper tickets. Also if you are going after January 1st, Disneyland normally runs specials for the off season. I would advise taking in at least 3 days at the resort.

Have fun at the Happiest Place on Earth!!