Service wires overhanging roof

Inspected house today that was built in 1963. The issue I have is the service wires overhanging roof with **only a 3 1/2 inch **clearance from the roof surface at its lowest point. Does anyone know the code on that ?

Emain-Heatherly 036.JPG

Emain-Heatherly 037.JPG

Yes its’ wrong .

I don’t do code but Google search . gives this

3’ clearance is required for 4/12 slopes or greater, otherwise it’s 8’.

Here is a GOOD lesson moment for HI’s.

I will assume this is a service drop conductor and not an overhead service conductors as their is a HUGE difference in the CODE world…but not much in the HI World.

Is it a hazard, YEP…HI’s calls it out as a potential touch hazard and recommend they contact the local POCO, if its a service drop conductor.

If it’s actual overhead service conductors (which are not service drop conductors) then the same hazard exists and they need to contact an Electrical Contractor (licensed Please)

In terms of codes, For the POCO ownership no NEC codes can be referenced “technically” as that is under their NESC. However, it it’s on the “load” side of the service point (sorry best analogy I can give) then it is easily a violation within 230.24(A)

Now I will not reference 225.19(A) as Bradley stated because it is service conductors and not feeders so Article 225 will not apply. Again it is critical to know the nature of the conductors when assigning references.

I will yet again reiterate…absolutely nothing wrong with citing NEC references as a minimum expected safety standard for TODAY to illustrate why something may need to be fixed. Just don’t state it as if you are doing a code inspection, just as additional knowledge type of information.