How to Use Free, Online Inspection Agreement

Watch this new how-to video on using InterNACHI’s Online Inspection Agreement System (free for members).


Will look at switching my aggreement over to this method. I currently have it on my web site but I have had to get it signed on site when I go to an inspection. Maybe it will make it easier for any future clients to actually read what they are signing and help me to not forget to get it signed (sometimes I forget as well being new inspector and enjoying the work)

I use it and love it. The agreement gets signed before I show up. It is a “pre” inspection agreement.

Is there anyway for those of us that already know how to use the online agreement to remove (X out) the new video from our personal Members Only online agreement page?

Forwarding to IT…

I just added the option to do that. Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Beautiful, Tim. Thank you.

I have been using the agreement system for years. I have all customized agreements for basically every service we perform. the system ROCKS !! another awesome FREE benefits offered by NACHI for all members.



Thanks Tim for the “Don’t Show” option, and you too Ben. The instruction video is great. It’s nice to be able exclude it.