I need help with online inspection agreement system

I want to use the NACHI residential agreement with the ‘hold harmless’ clause, omit the Colorado verbiage and the log cabin verbiage. I want to save this Contract and use it as a default. I have watched the video 3/4 times and I can’t seem to make it happen. Is there anybody out there can call me at 949 322 3666 or email me at sedillo@cox.net with some hands on help?

I’ve never used it, but try this, I’m sure you’ll get an answer.


Yep, I answered him. Actually, I got Tim our programmer to answer him. Yes, our free, online agreement system with electronic signature is fully editable.

Used the online agreement system today. Tyvm

Another great benefit of InterNachi

Nick create a widget so people can use it directly on their site. My contracts are all signed on my website and I don’t ever have to touch them. The client does all the work. Since I added it “all my clients” no exaggeration has gave rave reviews on this feature on my site.


I think this may be the link

I haven’t tried the code, the the system has worked just fine in the times I’ve used it.


Nice looking agreement system. How do you like EchoSign? Can you download the agreements and archive them on your PC?