Coming Soon: Online, digitally-signable NACHI agreement

I just wanted to let everyone know that we should soon be releasing an online version of that NACHI agreement that is digitally signable so that you can have your clients either A) sign your inspection agreement BEFORE the inspection or B) sign the inspection agreement BEFORE they can download their inspection report (the agreement system will be linked up with You’ll be able to:

  • Edit each paragraph of the agreement to customize it to your business
  • Hide paragraphs that don’t apply to your business
  • Add new paragraphs
  • Choose additional paragraphs to add-on to your agreement (such as the [n=harmless]NACHI Hold-Harmless Clause[/n])
  • Check the status of specific agreements
  • And more
    Look for another announcement about this system soon. We hope to open it up for a public beta on Monday.



Where is it?


Been here for about a year, I believe.

Thanks! I’m behind te curve…

Mark Volpe