How would you guys write this one up?

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Home inspector observes obvious sight of tree growing through house and penetrating the roof structure of the home. Home inspector recommends investigation into who in the f$># approved the permits and to slap the official in the head.
Also removal of tree and obvious structural and roofing repairs


Just needs proper flashing. :smile: grinning:

Arthur …Are you serious…?

Looks like a Kentucky thang…I agree,best to inspect the condition of the flashin’…hmm. Imagine the possibilities of a “trunk” in your kitchen…free walnuts?

I’m on vacation with my family in upstate Michigan that is an ice cream store they’re are actually two trees they built the building around. I got a kick out of it and figured I’d share it with you guys.

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What… it’s a tree house :sunglasses:

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good ole green space

Hopefully they allowed room for expansion.:chipmunk::chipmunk:

Builder + Cone Heads (SNL) = Pine Cones

Tree’s observed growing through roof and dwelling space. Recommend further review by Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters. Some say he’s a tree whisperer. When it comes to structures integrating with live trees, there is no better specialist. What more is he will probably include it in one of his shows and provide his expertise for FREE!!!

Michael Blumin
5 Star Inspection Services

Don’t the walnuts come from the branches? Maybe a bit of sap for your pancakes from the trunk

Inspector recommends to trim overgrown indoor plants.