The problem with trees

Hi to all,

Behind (and dangerously underneath) this live Oak is a horrendous looking Spanish Revival inspectors nightmare:

S5001005 (Small).JPG

Just below this Arborists wet dream (to the left of the main part of the home is the (not so) great room:

S5001003 (Small).JPG

Did you happen to notice the angle of the windows? maybe not so I’ll show you a view from inside;):

S5001001 (Small).JPG

Did you detect from the image that the left corner of the room appears to be higher that the right? If so congrats :mrgreen:

Here’s a close up of the tree and its relationship with the (soon to be ex) structure:

S5001004 (Small).JPG

Now we all know that tree roots cause damage, didn’t we all see what those “Ents” did in Lord of the Rings, but for crying out loud man this sucker lifted the corner of a 30 by 15 ish room over 6 inches! :frowning:

Now thats just mean!

Needless to say, this place not only needs the services of a good Structural Engineer, a brave Arborist and probably a skilled bulldozer operator. Also should anyone seriously want to purchase this 3/4 million dollar nightmare, they will also require the services of a good roofer, a great coppersmith (those gutters used to be a work of art), a better than average electrician, a very fine restoration master joiner/cabinet maker, a good plumber (sans Saws-all) a real plasterer (no not a dry waller) and about $250k to glue it all back together. :shock:

Needless to say it’s back owned, I suspect that situation isn’t going to change anytime soon :twisted:

BTW, all of the doors and windows stick and have odd gaps around them, I hate to bother any potential buyer with these trivialities, but can help wondering if the issues are connected?



S5001005 (Small).JPG


That is one big tree!! No surprise pertaining to the damage.

Heck of a tree! I’d like to salvage the wood from that sucker…

Hey Mate, how’s it going?

I’ll add one more for your delight and delectation :neutral:

Do you think that bending the home in half might have affected the roof flashings ? or do they just have really heavy mice? :shock:

S5001006 (Small).JPG



I’m sure it’s the mice…:smiley:

fat mouse (Small).jpg

Cool Larry, I was really worried about the flashings :mrgreen:



I think the house should be moved…!!! :wink:

It is…by the huge tree. :smiley:


I look forward to more pictures of the interior.

It was great speaking to you. Stay in touch!!

You got that right! :slight_smile:

Well, you shouldn’t be. I was just havin’ fun. Focus, Gerry, focus. :mrgreen:

A house that “Holmes on Homes” should be working on.

wow, Larry, you nailed it :stuck_out_tongue: today we found the mice crap :mrgreen: