Does anyone know if this company (Neighborhood Environmental) is still around?

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Well…it’s obvious that this firm went defunct.

For those who have this posted on their website, you may want to remove it.

First I’ve ever heard of them but it seems like it would be a great idea.

Suspicious thing to me is NOWHERE did I see the cost of the report, just the discount and referral fees.ALWAYS A RED FLAG TO ME

What did the reports cost? if anyone knows please let me know.

Seems like a great idea for folks that really give a crap about the purchase.

I doubt the idiots that call and sas “” yeah I aaa um need a inspection “. I say what kind of inspection would you like. They say the type I need cause i am buying a home and “they” say i need one” WHAT DOES YOURS COST. At that point I ALWAYS wish I could just hang up but that would be rude and I always try my best not to be rude to folks who call and folks in general.


The pricing was on their website when it was live. I believe it was in the 50-75 bucks.

I guess they didn’t enough business to stay afloat.

I’m hinting Nick to remove the iNACHI link to their website…

Hint taken.