Hub E&O

Having a NHI and CMI designations has its advantage…:cool:

It appears that you received a refund of $248.00. What was the original annual premium?

Nice gesture for Hub E&O to offer all CMI a discount.

Since NACHI has over 1200 inspectors in Canada, I am looking forward to fair pricing, the day that Hub E&O offices be allowed to let NACHI members enjoy the same low rates as their other office is presently providing in exclusivity and only to the AIBQ Quebec inspector association members.

Nice Marcel! What we will come out with soon at Ontarioachi is a complete platform for training Inspectors in Ontario. After we get it up and running we will then go back to negotiations with several Insurance providers to have even further reductions for those that join
This will be the same Idea that InterNachi has set up and will provide added benefits as we hope to make it recognized by the Government in Ontario. Most Important is we have vowed to keep the education free for every member.
Allot of work is being done behind the scenes and will continue till we fine tune everything for the benefit of all Home Inspectors in Ontario.
We still need more volunteers to help and will continue to do so as we grow in membership.