Huge news for Canadian members. Canadians only.

We have super inexpensive shipping to Canada now. Order a case of 24 Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection books at an unbeatable price and only $15 shipping to anywhere in Canada!

I know you guys have been waiting a long time for this. We now have a special deal with the US Post Office to ship you all a case of 24 of these books for flat rate $15 Priority Mail shipping. No customs fees, no taxes, you will not be charged anything at time of delivery. Best of all, Priority Mail goes by air, not ground, so you’ll have these in 6-10 business days!

Nick or Nikolai, is this shipping cost for books only? What is the cost for shipping “Move in Certified” yard signs?

Yes. Just $15.

For you Yuri? $0.00. Shipping on me.

Thank you Nick but the calculator on the Inspector Outlet site does not agree with you and says $53.38. Don’t know how to convince it that this is wrong.

Wow … does Brewers Retail know about this price? We may be all hosers up here but Canadians know a thing or two about beer especially a bargain!

Yuri, call me and I’ll take your order and get you free shipping on the Move-In-Certified signs. (720) 272-8578.

Thank you Nick. Appreciate it very much.

thanks as always.

Brewers retailers?
Dam, I have not heard that word for a beer vendor for ages.

Dam beer strike in Alberta in 1981 left me drinking Ontario ale from one of the pit stops you guys have for thirsty workers.
I was working camps in the freeze up and hot shot, motel with daily expenses covered in the fall.
A boot legger brought in via trailer behind his Winnebago as I was working hot shot oil exploration.
220 cases of Labat and Molson X. :):):slight_smile:
Other than that it was green beer from Lethbridge non union beer plants or America water beer that makes you pee pee. It takes a pint of rye to get the kick you want “and need” form long hot days of exploring for oil.
He spoke french, I could just communicate and we became friends in the parking lot. THANK YOU GOD!!!
Wow brewers retailers.
Brings me back to my hay day PEA and Ontario and Alberta.

Robert I don’t think our American neighbours are familiar with the terminology 2-4.

Did you know if you pour your beer on your lawn, it will come up half-cut?

Ha ha…

Yea but you have to be cut yourself to do that:-)

No … but I did put my false teeth in backwards one morning, and ate out half my head! :mrgreen: