Keith Swift's new book ships to Canada too! Best $12.95 you could spend.

I just ordered it… Can’t wait. Keith is the best.

Thank you Todd. It’s on the way.

waiting for my copy to hit the mail box as well

I for sure high recommend those who do not have this book to get your self a copy .
Tell Mama you want a copy for Christmas ,Its 35 day away. you still have time .
A great prize for Chapters to give out , or even buy your own Christmas present.
… Cookie

Hi Keith, I would like to see this become a required text reading book for our home inspection program in Canada. Perhaps you could email me privately and see if this type of cost like a few other providers could be passed on to our course participants. We put in excess of 200 students through our 250 hour plus training program per year.

Perhaps it could be bundled with your legal opinions book for home inspectors.

I just ordered a copy. I hope UPS is not the courier?


I just ordered my copy!!

Yes, UPS shipping is my next question - will it cost more than the price of the book? I have refused shipments from the U.S. from UPS - $99 for software and $35 in shipping fees through UPS & Customs fees. Sent by regular mail - no additional costs.

Thanks Claude,

Thats been my experience too.


How long does it take to recieve this, from the time you order?

Sorry ever paid any attention just order and things arrive .
Please remind any one you order from in USa to us Postal service as best way to ship to Canada .
And also remind them you do not want then under any circumstances they must not use UPS to ship to Canada.
All the best …Cookie

In the Request/Comments box, I wrote: “Do not send UPS, send USPS.”

I didn’t specify anything and I think its been a little over a week. Maybe today. I am looking forward to it as I am trying to tweak my new report software.

Has anyone recieved Kieth Swift’s book yet I ordered it about the same time everyone ells did and was just wondering

No I haven’t Rob.

Well it is the season of slow mail delivery. Will give it a couple more weeks.

Apparently, there was a bug in the e-mail/ordering notification and we have not received any Report Writing book orders in the past eight weeks. As soon as Nick forwards the orders, we will mail them out immediately and we will charge $9.95 instead of $12.95.

Having met many of you guys at the last conference, it’s hard for me to believe that you need advice from me, but I’m honored that you want to read the book.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays to all of you. Keith

Thanks Keith for clearing that up! Sir you are a gentleman!

Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous New Year to you and yours!

Fondest regards,

Thank you!