Huge Price Drop - Until March 31, 2011

I just got this in… Read how you can get $1500 cash back from
FLUKE, but you must act now. Expires this Friday, March 31, 2011.

You can get cash back on a FLUKE infrared camera…
For our students only (I cannot publish our insane low prices
in public
) My students say our prices are the lowest in the USA.

TiR1 = XXXX.00 plus you get a cash back of $1500 from Fluke
TiR32 = $XXXX plus you get a cash back of $1500 from Fluke
Ti32 = $XXXX plus you get a cash back of $1500 from Fluke
Good until March 31th**…
After this the cash back deal goes down to $1000 until the end of April.

You can get the FLUKE TiS for $XXXX (no cash back on this camera)
Prices are good for US addresses only.

Email me about our IR class and I will give you a $50 discount.
Good to March 31.

Contact me at john(at)

Financing available for our IR class and purchase of IR camera.

John McKenna


Please email me the pricing/details


Done… look in you email box.

Send Me Too…

Sounds like Fluke is liquidating before releasing TI32’s new big brother.


me too.


Information please.


Hi John
me too. looking for price on TRi1. Will be putting employee in your clas in April

Info please. Thanks, John


Kevin and Jeffrey

Check you personal messages.

me too please, thanks


Check you personal messages… done.