FLUKE lowers price on TiS and Ti9

FLUKE lowered the price on the TiS by $500 and the Ti9 by $300…
plus we get student discounts.

Email me for our student price… <john@infrared-certified.com>
(cannot post prices on forum)

john does get great pricing

Yep and I will tell you from experience, he doesn’t add a single dime to the price…that I will give him props on. :slight_smile:


Gotta give credit when credit is due…

We get wholesale prices because my students buy IR cameras every month. I do not sell cameras but my students make these deep price break possible for all InterNACHI members. Nick Gromicko gives away free memberships and $100 discounts on renewals to everyone who takes our IR class as well. It is a team effort and all the members enjoy the benefits of InterNACHI.

Whats Fluke doing with the discounts on the more expensive models like the Ti32 (the $1,000 refund), etc

Dan, if you find a Fluke IR seminar to go to, you will get an additional $500 off.


$1000 rebates on that model are over as of March 31.