Humidifier on electric furnace

Hi Guys
What do you think of a humdifier instaleed on an electric furnace

If installed and operating properly, I have no issue with it, other than I’m not a big fan of humidifiers installed to the HVAC.

I don’t like them either i was just wondering the wisdom of putting one on top of an electric furnace. I know these things just love to leak

They love to leak, and they’re allowed to be there. But why anyone would want a furnace, or more humidity is beyond me!! LOL

Believe or not Blaine we have to heat our air in the Winter here to stay warm and it gets awful dry without one. :wink:

Honestly, I used to get nosebleeds until I got one not to mention static shocks.

looks like they both have been there for some time from the picture…

furnace 1974 that is a 110 model aprilaire. I am just wondering what everybody thinks about putting that humdifier almost on top of the heating elements?

leakage would almost always be on the outside Jeff…imo…and a properly adjusted humidifier can save a lot of heat dollars in the cold dry winter…

Thanks You know me i just love to worry

what do you think of these splices

The water bypasses and the rotating drums humidifiers grow a lot of bad stuff in them. Now stem humidifiers are the way to go. Nice units - stainless steel. Have sold a few when I owned the HVAC company. Figure on paying double though.

Is that a federal pacific box attached to that unit