The home is heated by a boiler with baseboard registers. The home is cooled by a York cooling system. My question pertains to the humidifier. I thought they are for forced warm air systems. Why would there be one on just a cooling system. There also is one sitting on the counter.



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You may also be able to use it to add humidity to your home in the winter months. It could also act as a air handler. Check to see if it has settings for air only without AC.

My dear old grandmother always kept a cast iron water kettle on her wood stove in the kitchen and one on the potbelly stove in the living room to keep the home humidity higher in the winter time. It adds to the comfort level and her good wooden furniture would not dry out and split. By keeping the humidity higher in winter the home does not have to be heated nearly so much as the humidity equates to “latent heat”. The same reason humidity works against us in summer it works for us in winter. Ive seen where some units are run in “fan” mode only just to circulate and filter the indoor air.