Humming in the plumbing

Soo, I live in a 1800 s.f. Two story townhouse built in 2007,the unit next door was foreclosed on an has been vacant for 3 out of the 4 years I have been here.
Last winter the plumbing burst ,the ceiling drywall fell to the floor. Numerous plumbers/ handyman/maintenance persons and realtors/buyers have been in and out since then. Every single time MY water gets shut off! Seems the main valve for the whole building is located in one of the closets in this vacant unit.
Every time this happens I have to tell whoever is there (if I can catch them) that they shut my water off! Two weeks ago they supposedly finally repaired the plumbing. Now,every few minutes, the plumbing in my unit “humms”/ vibrates…very annoying. Any Ideas as to what is going on??? TIA.

Google it!!! I googled “humming or vibrating plumbing pipes” and got pages upon pages of helpful answers to your question. My best guess, though, for the situation you described is that a bunch of crap got worked into the line/pipes/valves/plumbing from constantly turning off and on and which is causing your noises and vibrations.

I would suspect water hammer and a leaking flapper valve in a toilet causing the fill valve to cycle.

Aaah google,why didnt I think of that? LOL . I was kind of thinking water hammer too Chad, and ,why ,yes I do have a couple of leaky stoppers,I guess that is my project for this fine sunday afternoon. Thanks guys off to home depot I go!

Thanks fellas, Chad, I replaced the leaky flappers and the noise went from every few minutes ,to every couple of hours,finally, it actually stopped by the next day! I guess you can learn something everyday,about your own house! Again ,thanks!