When the water is not running we hear a humming sound coming from the pipes. On the other side of the wall is my daughters bedroom. When I turn the water on it stops. Any thoughts. It has been going for a couple of weeks. Until today I thought it was the neighbors HVAC. Any thoughts?

Have a high pressure leak when the water is off???

Did you feel the pipes anywhere Gary, see if you can feel water moving or causing a small vibration???

Other than small amounts of water moving in the pipe causing the noise, it’s all I can think of right now.

My first thoughts are:
-a slow leak- toilet, pipe, ice maker, reverse osmosis, something consuming water
-A water softener
-Thermal expansion of pipes or the refilling of an expansion tank
-water pressure regulator, if water is being consumed
-during the hum check the water meter for consumption

If you would have said a loud vibtraion that sounds like it’s passing from one area to another, I would have said it may be a defective flush valve that is creating a water hammer.

He said water not running .
I wonder is this a new home or have you lived there for a while .
What new has gone on around you a new radio station or TV a new Hydro tower? A new Ham radio operator ?
I would like more information to give thoughts to . Roy Cooke

Roy it is 4 years old


1st check the the meter, if everything is off and your meter is running “LEAK”.

If not check to see what else is running when the humming is on. Sump or extractor pump, HVAC, H2O heater, well, etc.

Is your home a house or duplex,townhome, condo? You mentioned you thought it might be from your neighbors.

Also check your supply pipe maybe the hum is coming into your house from the supply line.


Kevin 2 story home

It’s the wondering that creates it…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Are the shower heads and wall fixtures secured?

We had some loose pipes (never strapped properly) at the tub and shower areas. I backed the escutcheons away from the wall tile, put a temporary wedge to hold pipe in place at desired location, and sprayed some insulating foam inside the cavity. Once dried no more rattle. Remove wedge, replace and seal escutcheons.

I’ve also seen attic installed HVAC equipment suspended from rafters cause vibrations heard at various locations inside living space. Had one last Tuesday that rattled only one kitchen cabinet door. Of course all of the ductwork was also lying across the ceiling joists.

Turn all the toilets off. If you don’t hear noise turn toilets on one at a time to see if that is causing the noise. Also check flappers. You can see water going into the bowl at a trickle if the falpper is leaking through.

Watson you solved it

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