humming thermostat

I hope someone can help.
I inspected a home about 6 months ago (in the summer).
The homeowner called me yesterday (not complaining but inquiring).
She said that one of her thermostates, this is electric baseboard heat is humming or whistling, it is still working but she is a little scared that her home will burn down.
Is this just a bad thermostat that needs to be replaced or should we be concerned about a much bigger problem?
I am going there tonite to have a look.
Any help would be appreciated . THANKS.

If it wasn’t humming on the day of the inspection, then I would simply recommend your client to hire an Electrician to evaluate & estimate the costs of repairing the humming noise in this thermostat.

No need to go on site in order to diagnose any situation. I wouldn’t waste my time.

Sounds like poor contact .
Yes I think the thermostate needs replacing .
Is the stat in the wall or in the heater itself.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACH member

This is a wall mounted thermostat.
This lady is a single mom and has become a friend of my wife and I
So I don’t mind going in to look at the problem.
I thought it might be just a bad thermostat but thought I’d check with the experts.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: