No heat!

Some of you may remember my hidden thermostat fiasco earlier this month, well I had another non-operational thermostat yesterday upon arrival. Homeowner meets me at the front door telling me the heat quit sometime in the middle of the night. I told hom to call a repair person and I would do the rest of the inspection.

The disconnect for the heat unit is located inside the cabinet, out of sight, unless the panel cover is removed.

The disconnect was fried at one leg to the point that the terminal connector was loose. I must note when found this was still in the ON position, never did trip during the over-heat event.

Once found the homeowner called the neighborhood electromagician who proceeds to snip the burnt wire reroute and reinstall.

Then he rearranges the breakers at the main panel and throws in an off brand replacement from his stash. I guess he thought that the fused to the buss breaker was BAD enough to replace.

Tells my client “that all is well with the heater and burnt buss is no big deal”, see last photo for my thought about this guy.

No I didn’t alter my report as requested. I thought that enough alteration had taken place already.

damn thats wierd !!!


Barry, did he find his license
in that dark space.

Marcel :lol: :lol:

I can’t tell the size of those wires, aren’t they thin for 50 amps?


P.S. An electrician’s credo, “Can’t see it from my house.”

Toms’ response, “Of course not, pull your head out of your arse!”

lol…no comment…:mrgreen: