HVAC and water heater

Apologies if this is a duplicate, but I couldn’t find a thread. The area of concern I can’t find reference to is the vent connection from the Water Heater to the HVAC vent/chimney. Looking for clarification on the 90 degree connection.

I like to see a wye but I don’t see a problem with your enlarged 90 there, Matthew.


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I don’t see or inspect gas fueled WH that much. But that set up looks wrong with a T connection. Thinking a 45 Y is a better fit to prevent any backdraft when the forced furnace exhaust is active. But, as I said, I don’t see them…


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Just the beginning, the inspection is tomorrow. This I got on little research before I got there. This is in the listing photos

Flue is fine. WH TPV drain pipe is wrong (missing). No drain pan for furnace.


Flue OK, no TPR discharge pipe or drip pan line to drain is not.