Nice Water heater venting

Found this on an inspection this week… sort of an effect through cause picture order:cool:






The W/H venting gases should be able to go downhill towards the chimney penetration.


At least it has a TPR.

Commented on a photo from a different post. Oops.

That’s what I thought…

I guess we were wrong eh?:mrgreen::p:margarit:

The T&P valve appears to be installed correctly, and with the standard 4" probe installed in the top of the tank would conform with standard installation practices. The third pic down shows the installation w/ 3/4" copper discharge pipe directing the discharge within a couple of inches of the floor Pic 2.
What am I missing that you see, Michael?

That’s what it appears to me, too, Gerald.

Nothing. I commented on a photo from a different thread. The TPR in that one was mounted in a 3 ft. extension above the tank. Sorry for the confusion.