HVAC checking the proper charge

I am a new HVAC tech and I am still not clear on the easy way to check the proper charge of refrigerant. I have read the superheat approach, but it seems too complicated to use in the field. I am curious is there an easy to check the charge or can someone explain superheat method in a simple manner

Home inspectors don’t check the charge. You’d find better advice here.

Having been in the HVAC field for over 15 years I can say and I think Charlie will back me up on this, If you have to ask you should not be calling yourself a technician.:smiley:

give everyone a chance…

What is so hard about superheat?

Post your question.
I wouldn’t know where to begin!

Also check www.rses.org for a local chapter. Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) is an organization for the continuing education of those in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration trades. Active chapters have monthly educational meetings as well as conducting a formalized training course.