Inspecting Heat Pumps

I have an agent I’ve been trying to get some work from and met with her recently. She mentioned to me, “most inspectors I know don’t know how to operate a heat pump, but I do.”

What are some of the techniques you use to inspect a heat pump?

What do you do ?

Had one last night in a condo.
Here is a great PDF on operation for a water derived model.(yes the one from last night)

I know little about them myself and look forward to basic information .
They are fairly rare in Chicago

I was tempted to ask her since she’s an agent how she operates the heat pump. She also mentioned she hated when she see’s on reports, “have a further evaluation by a licensed professional.”

I need to tread lightly since she’s one of the top agents I’ve got in the door with, she’s already sold 78 homes this year.

Charlie will tell you to bring gauges,x ray the cabinet,analyse metal content ,scan the exchanger,take micrometer readings and calculate duct efficiency.
Me I turn them on,check they are functioning,look for the filter,make sure condensate drain is not backed up,use thermostatic controls,explain as in this case that is is a air conditioner that reverses on a basic level but the twist on mine is it gets heat from hot water.

You might not be able to see much unless you start getting invasive.

Here is a tagline for units that do not have much to see visually and forget the Agent as like all people some simply babble what they overhear and pretend to be experts.

"The equipment responded to operating controls at the thermostat when placed in the heating mode. Warm air was discharging from all supply air registers. No further equipment diagnostics were performed as part of this home inspection".

Not sure who posted that here but it is a good statement.

Unless you are a HVAC tech why pretend to be one ?

Bob I quit trying to tell you anything years ago:shock: You can not even spell my name correct so how could I explain how a heat pump operates and get you to understand???

I was just curious what people do as a non invasive way to check the heat pump. I don’t have a lot of experience doing this and wasn’t sure if there was a process.

Just do what Bob does, nothing;-)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yes Charlie because you are a HVAC tech we should all be .
We all worship your feet.:stuck_out_tongue:

I thoroughly examine all appliance hookups and operations plus test all phone lines,CATV lines and computer hookups for my clients but you do not so must do nothing other than a HVAC service call…you are lazy…:slight_smile:

You have not a clue what I do and I care less what you do so don’t bore me with your details:p

I bet you do not even check the dust level or pollen count.:eek:

Is it not possible to get some advice without people’s egos getting in the way?

Not here it isn’t.
Hopefully my link helped a little.

“Don’t inspect”.

Do we even know what a Heat Pump is?

Start by learning how to operate the thermostat…

That system is more complicated than many HVAC guys can comprehend.
Don’t take offence.
You don’t have the tools, certs, or education to do it right, so best to not do it at all.

Haha ! I like this guy ! Yep !
So ! Brother are you saying if it gets good and hot in the winter or good and cold in the summer that work for us ?
Sounds like a plan…Yep !

David is right. The proper way for a HI to inspect a heat pump is turn the thermostat down and see if the air is cold. Turn it off. Wait. Turn it to heat, and see if the air at the registers is warm. If you really need to get technical, go outside and see if the insulation on the refrigerant line is deteriorated. If so write it up. That’s the proper way for a HI to check a heat pump. Otherwise, call in an HVAC guy.

“Two people will take the back off a watch…a jeweler and an idiot…”

That is absolutely ***impossible ***on this mb :|.)

If someone really knows, they’ll probably ridicule you for not knowing.
If they don’t know, they’ll ridicule you for their own entertainment.

Welcome to the mb!!!

Trying to explain HVAC to the average HI is difficult because most won’t take the time to try and get educated on it. Just the thermostat confuses them and when someone who is trained tries, you get those who DON"t know **** try to cover their ignorance by ridiculing those who do as you have already seen demonstrated here. Here is a basic cover for Heat pumps. The rank and file HI can’t tell the difference between a standard AC and a heat pump because they lack the training and do not know what the various components are or even how the hvac process works. It is “magic” for intents and purposes.

Your realtor friend knows how to turn ON a heat pump. Wow! So do most children. It is called the On / Off, Heat / Cool/ Emer Heat switches at the thermostat. What she is “really” telling you is she wants soft reports that do not cause her any problems closing on the house and any “speed bumps” that you put up annoys her.

Does the system work using NORMAL operating controls? Yes / No? Is the system degraded due to lack of proper maintenance (most HI never check the condition of the indoor or outdoor coils / evaporator coils, elec connections, etc.). Check the overalll material condition of the system components. How old is the system? Is is near or at the end of the typical service life? I have seen guys in here asking about the SEER on a specific system…Who gives a ****? MOst of what people put in their reports is useless nonsense but looks impressive to a novice or a starry eyed customer. If is isn’t germane to the system operation or required by your State, leave it the hell out. Meat and potatos, skip the lettuce and tofu.

Accumulate websites of information where you can learn HOW things work. Go cruise the aisle of the big box stores and look at what the hell homes are being built with. Take some courses and stop asking people who know less than you how things work.