HVAC Condenate Line Question

If a primary line and auxiliary pan drain line are connected together, but they added a float switch to the auxiliary pan is this something that should be written up?
It appears there had been an issue and the connected the two lines together.

The primary and secondary drain lines should discharge to separate locations. The secondary drain should be readily visible. Discharge from the secondary indicates blockage at the primary.

Not really something that needs to be reported on IMO. What if you got rid of the secondary? Would there be a defect?

If the float switch wasn’t there it’s definitely a defect.

In my area the float switch itself with 1 condensate would pass code on new installations.

I’ve seen maybe 1 or 2 float switches in my 10 yr. tenure as a HI. Not common at all around here.

Ahhh who needs a float switch from yesterday

They are required here if in or above a finished space.

Codes Dpt got tired of contractors calling about me putting it in every report I wrote, so they made it a requirement…

Now I only have to write about it two or three times a year.

I used to carry a sample of these devices/alarms with me in my tool box to overcome the deer in the headlight look I always got.