1 condensate line......

one primary condensate line for 2 individual air handler units. First unit condensate tied into second unit condensate line through a T valve. This would essentially make one condensate line for 2 units. If the line gets plugged after the second unit, then both units would have to drain using the secondary line, correct? Have never seen this before so am wondering if this is a big violation or no big deal.

I’ve seen it once before and I can’t find a code against it. As long as the pans are equipped with a float switch or 2nd drain, I’d let it go. Be sure to test the float switches, however, to make sure they actually work–I’ve seen them fail to turn off the condenser.

I don’t see a issue with the condensate line, so long as they are clear (able to see thru them) to prevent clogging. I’ve seen many that are brown and need cleaning ASAP.

Joe’s got a point regarding the testing of the float switch in the secondary pan. I find many that do not operate as intended.