HVAC duct insulation identification

The buyer of a1962 home is concerned about asbestos materials in the home. The HVAC ducts are in the crawlspace and are going to need repairs performed due to an unrelated plumbing issue. I do not think the duct insulation contains asbestos. However, I would like to be able to specifically identify the material the duct insulation is made from to help allay the buyers fears.

The insulation paper is brown. At elbows and bends in the ducts there are staples holding pieces of the insulation paper together.

Again the home was built in 1962. We are located in the southeast.
Thank you.

Looks like fiberglass from here, The wrapping could contain asbestos. I’d never venture to make a claim that the insulation has no asbestos on a '62 house. Whenever a client has a concern, testing is recommended.


As Simon said. Don’t be fooled into thinking fiberglass insulation does not contain asbestos. Many manufacturers added it to fiberglass up to the mid 70’s


# Asbestos Paper Wrap on Air Ducts
Looks like reinforced fabric duct wrap with insulation for HVAC supply or return air.
I would be reporting on the crawl space environment and how it is affecting the reinforced fabric duct wrap with insulation myself.

Asbestos duct insulation: white “paper” wrapped on outside of some heating ducts. Asbestos pipe insulation: white corrugated insulating material on and hanging from pipes, white paste material surrounding certain plumbing joints.
Measure the running foot length of the duct work to be wrapped and multiply that by the square footage of the duct to calculate the square footage of the duct work. As an example, a 6-inch duct will have a 3-inch radius. 3 inches squared is 9 inches. Multiply 9 inches by 3.14 to get 28.26 square inches.