Asbestos wrap or not?

Like to get some feed back on whether this pipe wrap may contain asbestos. I seem to remember a product like this back in the day and it was sold in most all building and hardware stores to wrap hot water supply lines. The core appears to be a hardboard fiberglass with a wrap of light vinyl/cloth.



Agreed–the asbestos stuff looks like cardboard but has an almost checkerboard pattern to it…google asbestos pipe wrap and you’ll get lots of examples.

Some are ACM, some are not. It is not always easy to distinguish if old or newer. Either way, one should NEVER claim it is or isn’t without TESTING! Report it as possible ACM, and to have it tested if needing to be removed or disturbed.

How old is the house?

I doubt it .
It is wrapped around copper for one thing.

Thanks guys. Copper plumbing was my first clue but you never know. It was in a century home with a new hydronic boiler heating system. Thought it might be left overs from days gone by. I still wrote it up as suspect.

Here is an asbestos pipe wrap


I’ve seen / tested ACM which was around copper piping. As already stated, you can’t know unless you test!

Just say possible and testing would be needed to confirm . If it isn’t fallen apart it isnt a problem . i do suspect the corners where perhaps wrapped with it once though.
Type of piping has nothing to do with the insulation used .