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Can anybody throw me some recommendations on where to learn more about the HVAC aspect of HI’s? My knowledge is (I feel) too limited in this area and I would like to learn more, before I feel the need to shrug my shoulders and tell a client “I don’t know”. I assume HVAC is a high liability area of the inspection business, and I am most limited in my knowledge here - could use some exenstive help.

I would appreciate any source recommended, but free knowledge is always the best knowledge! Thanks.

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I think experience with working on some hvac problems is better than just reading about them. You need a good background in electrical, electronics, gas, venting, airflow and general hvac knowledge to really get a good grasp on it.

There are some hvac technical message boards on the internet, many of the participants are rough around the edges and crude but there is some good info on there once you know the basics. You might visit some local hvac shops and ask if you can ride along on some service calls.

Some HI's just charge an extra 50 - 75 bucks and pay an hvac tech to inspect for them. I do not recommend that way because I have seen some of the checks that are done by hvac guys. They dont even open up some units and inspect, they just check the charge on the exterior valves and run the thermostat through the settings. Very basic and they miss the rusted heat exchangers, loose connections in the disconnect, wrong size breakers, leaky ducts, wrong p-traps, leaky condensate connections, dirty coils, oil running out of capacitors etc.


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There are a couple of links to HVAC stuff here. Be sure to look under both the “good posts” section as well as the “free on-line” section


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I strongly recommend finding a night course or something along those lines to get smart on HVAC. You are right in it being one of the areas most HIs are weak in. There are a lot of misunderstood elements to HVAC particularly being taught as “gospel”. I went to a Tech school near me and it has paid off so many times I can’t even count. You will be glad you spend a few hundred dollars for a hands on program. It is a very technical field and an earlier poster is correct. You will learn electrical, physics, mechanical, etc. Worth the money and effort. Hope this helps you.