HVAC & WH Manufacturing Information PDF

I’m wanting to add a PDF to my inspection report that states all manufacturing information such as: serial #, model #, BTU’s, etc… Does anyone have such a document that they can share? I do include pic of the manfuc… sticker but would like to add additional document that home owners can reference to. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There is no PDF that has information of all the different units available, that I am aware of. Just feed them the information for the unit/s you inspected. I include the location of a unit, brand, specifications, average lifespan, manufacturer date/age, conditions, implications, and recommendations.

There is a pdf floating around the web, but due to the sheer volume of manufacturers out there, it’s numerous pages long.

Including in a report would be counterproductive, as it would just make the report longer than it should be with information that wasn’t relevant All you do would be confuse the person reading it.

With a little experience, it’s easy enough to determine how old a unit is from the serial number for many manufacturers and easy enough to look up the few that aren’t so easy.

Do you have a link to it Ian?

Not off hand.

BY now, I’ve memorized most of them common serial # formats, and only ever look up one that aren’t that common.

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