Hydrotherm boiler age?

Two boiler units both HydroTherm. Anyone have any data on these relics?

1st Model number R125, serial number U2530

2nd Model number R108, serial number T2077

Called HydroTherm in Jersey or wherever they are…they had no clue how old they were and had no record of anything pre-1970’s.

Was hoping someone out there in NACHI land might have some ideas…

What’s the age of the home? May be original.

Hydrotherm has been making boilers for over 65 years. These are likely in the 50-60 year range

Home dates to 1960. I am thinking, along with the HydroTherm customer service rep, that they are original units.

Hey guys just to add what I found out about this hydrrotherm from Hydrotherm directly within 24 hours of sending them an e-mail.

How old is this boiler and do you have a chart or something I can use to date boilers. I do home inspections and I need to get this info pretty fast some times. Thx John Rudy

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[FONT=Arial]This is from 1971, we cannot distribute serial number records to the public, so you would need to call or email – we have the info handy here at Corporate at all times. There is no way to “decode” the serials – everything is case by case.[/FONT]
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I had one a year or so ago and the date of manufacture was located by removing the rear panel.