Age of this unit?

Ser# HC-2001-0457
MOdel # HC-100E-V

My first thought is 2001 but I want to be sure.


Researching. . . .


Researching. . . .


Researching. . . .

I could not find anything on their web site. I would suggest that you can contact the company.


I’ve been needing Hydro therm dating info for a while now.

They are local here, so I’ll call them tomorrow and ask about dating info for their boilers.

Here’s what Hydrotherm sent me:

Unfortunately, I asked them for a lot more information, like how to decipher their serial numbers, but it looks like they declined to answer.

I just got off the phone with a representative of Hydrotherm.

She states that Hydrotherm does not have a deciphering reference tool and never has. She tells me that the newer models now have the year contained right in the Serial number (As we can see here on this particular boiler).

As for the older models, they do own a miscellaneous list that they utilize as a reference tool but they can not let me have a copy. (It must be Top Secret information). She stated that I must call Hydrotherm, every time I need a date of manufacture for the older boilers.

Here’s the number guys…

I just begged and pleaded with another representative (for reference material) for Hydrotherm boilers and this is his response.

***It is not physically feasible for us to try and duplicate this reference catalog. It’s not in any financial whatsover. This reference is possibly 12+ years old. ***

Thank you everyone.

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Hydrotherm HC-100c SER # QG-2900