I always liked this guy

Anthony Robbins

Someone sent me this link. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Gerry, great video . . . thanks

Interesting. Good stuff!

I still have his first book.
Though the pages are yellow , I use it for inspiration when I need a kick in the ***.
Did you guys see him in that one movie where he hypnotizes the lead character into seeing a fat girl as thin.?

Oh gosh they edited A-s,thats crazy

that’s because you’re not as big an azz as some make you out to be…just a typical chicagoan :D;-)

So if I refer to a female canine ,I guess I can,t refer to the Bit-h, any more than the Donkey above.

[FONT=Arial]I have the majority of the Tony Robbins tapes / CD’s. I got to see him and Zig Ziglar in Houston and the wife and I saw him in Boston. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The Boston seminar had Christopher Reeves, Donald Trump, Brian Tracey, and Tony Robbins as speakers. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]The wife and I seated right behind Chris Reeves’s wife, children, extended family and friends. [/FONT]
To say that the evening was “Inspirational” does not do it justice!

[size=3]If you ever have the chance to see him in person I would recommend that you attend!:p[/size]

A popular secular humanist receiving unscripted aduelation… Well praise Jesus. :smiley:

What’s next the INACHI Carl Sagan Award for Home Inspection related freethinking?

Hey Carl Sagen was great too, so stop being so sacrilegious.
Next you will be dissing Larry Niven and David Pournell.

I will not even get started with C.S Lewis.

What, no love for Bertrand Russell?

Great …now I gotta look up the name.
Never heard of him.

(edit) interesting,as he seems like a Hippy without the drugs, and before his time.

Still he appears to have been a U.S hater.