Gerry B and Keith S will kick out of this

I was raised in a Catholic boarding school, and didn’t even dare smile at this.

Carl, you’re a very sick man, do you think the states are ready for this stuff yet :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Do you remember the old “Alas Smith and Jones” rip-off of Rainbow??


While a little tamer, I like Faulty Towers.

I remember it well

Yea, Faulty Towers.

They used to show Faulty Towers on PBS on Saturday evenings along with a whole string of Brit shows, still do show one of my favorites; Keeping Up Appearances

Couldn’t agree more. We must be cut from the same mold.

I agree, except for that warm beer thing but I have been known to quaff tepid beer on more than one occasion;-). Warm beer is still way better than no beer! Spent some time in Scotland many moons ago and it only took a couple of hours to acquire the habit.
My weekend is not quite complete without an “Onslo” fix. I will often call my bride Hyacinth when she starts backseat driving. She immediately shuts up.

I was educated by another TV barrister who never referred to his wife by name but always as “she who must be obeyed,” and that has stood me in good stead for twenty-plus years.