I am gaming again

Ok you city slickers tell me what kind of air conditioner this one is. Emphasis on conditioner:D </IMG>

The one on the left or the one on the right?

direct water cooled

All one unit:)

No water involved:D :smiley: :wink:

Well, since there are not a lot of takers I shall take a stab at it then. The black plastic unit on the left appears to be a portable, industrial ‘swamp cooler’ evaporative cooler used to assist cooling the white commercial heat exchanger on the right. The heat exchanger probably derives chilled water and/or steam from a municipal provider and would be used to heat/cool a multi-story office building like you would find in downtown Oklahoma City. (Well, I suppose not then, you say no water is involved…ammonia maybe?)

That was a good try for no more than one can see in the pic but you are in left field way out left near the fence:D This is a trick question (conditioner)

I will wait for one of the commercial guys to come along good try though.

BTW Google and M. Larson will be no help on this one

A system to remove moisture from the air that is output from a large air compressor.

Charlie, Is this a scrubber of some sort. Hard to tell from the picture, can’t be water due to the black pipe installation. Oh well, I’ll keep thinking. Looks familiar.

Wait, if this is a big building then is this for control air or some other pnuematic system.

Good guess or perhaps not a guess yes it is a screw type Ingersoll rand air compressor. I thought the air drop out traps would of given it away. There are 5 of these compressors in this R&D building providing control air for the pneumatics on the AHU’s and to all of the labs. The air is discharged through a set of refrigerated air dryers for final moisture removal.