I am not from NY City

My client today has moved from Up State NY to my area and he was very disappointed in his Last inspector in NY. Said he wished he had never hired him as he just wasted his money. My comment was I am not from NY and I thought I would give him my best shot. Here is a list of the money items I found. Sewer line has visible roots at the clean out and was not flowing properly. A/C unit condenser fan motor was rotating backwards unit was operating hot as hell. A/C supply air duct in the attic with no insulation installed. Moisture in the wall at two locations found with IR that would absolutely not been found without the IR camera. Had some really strange things happening inside that wall not 100% that I had if figured correct going to need some destructive investigating to find the exact source of the moisture. One area had a combination of cold air and either a water leak or condensation in the wall. The second area was a leak from one of three possibles, shower head, shower faucet or the shower pan to be determined by OP. Also had excessive temps in the electrical panel Loose wires

BTW I changed the rotation of the A/C condenser fan motor so I did not have to write it up. I asked my client when the inspection was over did you get your money worth.

Swap the start windings or did you flip the fan blade?


Flipping fan blade does not change air direction .

Nope the little yellow rubber connector on top of the guard had to be switched its a reversible motor took two seconds;-)

I solved the mystery today, the home did not have the gas on when I first inspected and found the cold spot next to the fireplace that had high moisture indicated on the meter. Today I ran the heater and walah as I suspected no water leaks from the bathroom lavatory on the opposite side of the wall it was just moist air from the toe board area of the lavatory cabinet blowing into the wall as confirmed by the IR camera today. Did I say I luv IR. Now the only repair needed is to prevent the air into the wall. First IR image is with the A/C unit operating the second image is with the furnace operating

Very cool thanks for sharing that CB.

I don’t know about other areas but in mine we have a lot of bathrooms and kitchen sinks with false bottoms with toe board grills and if they are not sealed properly like the one in the image I can see mold growing in the wall during the cooling season. I think I will Start checking the walls on the back side of these lavatories a little closer with the IR

What? No leaking shower pan?