I could use some help regarding well flow testing

Hi everyone , I had a question about water flow testing , I have 2 inspections this week that require flow testing . The realtor informed me that it is a VA loan and it is a requirement to give flow readings. I need to know what the standards or guidelines are for this . I purchased a flow meter but I need to know how to run the test and how long it should be run for. to my understanding I just connect it to a hose and turn on the meter and run it for a minimum of 1 hour or 50 gallons per bedroom. Anyone have any input on this? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance



Thanks , I actually read these earlier today, I was more specifically looking for the VA guidelines on the subject.


In order to perform a proper flow test of any type, you must know the inner diameter of the casing, the depth of the well, and the static water level. If you don’t have that information, anything else you are doing means nothing.