Drinking well need tested after being drilled deeper?

I did a drinking well water test on a well that went dry and was not able to get a flow test done. The drinking well had to be dug deeper. And now the client has asked me to do the flow test. Is it true that you have to get the water tested again? And if so what should I get it tested for? This is new to me. It’s my first one. Any help would be appreciated and thanks.

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I would do the same test the VA does. Includes just about everything. Call your lab and ask them about what it cost to do a VA water sampling test.

How was it “Dug Deeper”??
If you meant “Drilled Deeper”, all the Well Driller’s I have ever known have their own samples tested. Where’s the Driller’s Log and Test results??

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Who would be responsible to pay for this test? The seller right?

Same here, we don’t mess with a well unless a well driller.
Side note- capped wells need to be registered. The cap has to be done by a well driller.
This includes abandoned cisterns.
I say this because if these are not done properly can mean extra costs for a client.

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All I am asking is if I should have the water tested again and what should it be tested for?

If it was for my drinking water I would do the complete testing that the VA requires. The minimum test is for chlorophyll and e coli which isn’t enough for the VA. And that can be done at the local EPA health dept.

Yes, sanitize then wait a few days then retest.

Yep without a doubt. That way you can get a good sampling.
At the minimum 24 hours.
You’re good Scott. Not like some plumbers that I know that is license in three states. LOL call me if you have a chance