I dont normally inspect whats ON the shelves...

But this was a little hard to miss…

How about this one?

Try to beat this one…

Its head and antlers were on the opposite wall.

This thread has potential:shock::shock:



What did it taste like?

I had a sudden urge to become a vegan. The feeling later subsided.

I was thinking the same thing.

Now if only someone would poke me with a stick it would really take off :slight_smile:

Please no poking I was just joking.:smiley:

You don’t have to be poked with a stick, Mike. You can sit on a few.
Hockey season has started in Canada

did you give them a “canned” report?

I predict 1,000’s of posts before it is done.:slight_smile:

Here’s a tasty one…

Hey Jeff, is that dalmation or lepord?:smiley: