Don't eat here

This place was just nasty…:shock:

Pigeon crap mixed with rain water pouring all over the walk-in cooler…](*,)

I think they need a few more collection pans, the floor still seems to be getting wet.


I heard one guy ask where all the “Prep” containers were!

I was done with the inspection thank god, before I started to gag…:shock:

Hi. Dale;

Where in tarnation do you find these? I hope this is not a reflection of
Building in your State ha. ha.

I would charge more than the average for something like this, otherwise the report time would kill me.
I also hope that after they discovered where their pans were, I would have made sure to be quite far away before I undertake their service.

Take care.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Soft Sere Ice Cream place per chance?


SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

Should be huh…:smiley:

NICE!!! Food pans used as sludge colletion! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!
Notice them stacked nicely in the first picture

ahhh i’d like a large cone…hold the pigon pooo:) …

This from a guy who eats Ralph’s Potted Meat? [grin]

This from a guy who eats Ralph’s Potted Meat? [grin]

Hey…easy on Roooolph…I heard they are going to start *adding fillet mignon trimmings the first of the year/…but not really a noticeable proportion…:smiley: