I don't participate in recessions or market slowdowns. Neither should you.

I’m hearing complaints about soft real estate markets. Don’t participate in them.

NACHI.org is now over 200,000 pages big and contains everything you need to fight. Everything.

Don’t have any inspections scheduled tomorrow?.. market. There is work to do every day.


I agree…actually it helps the HI market as it becomes a BUYERS market even more if it did happen to slow down a little…and people will have MORE concern about their LARGEST purchase…so marketing at THIS time in a slowdown ( which I am not going to admit it )…if you market it right…this could be the BIGGEST advantage to the HI…

Use the marketing while the BUYER is getting the upper hand on the market to your advantage.

That is very true. I have about six different things going on that at some point or other should produce income:

-Marketing for inspections
-Training for another field
-Continuing Ed for H.I.
-Renting my cabin on weekends for $250 a night to people for crabbing, salmon fishing and oyster hunting.
-selling electronics and home furnishings
-writing the NACHI book
-doing permits for contractors
-selling homemade bread at the local farmer’s market

Not all of these are producing cash all the time, but each of these is leading to cash at one point or another.

If you stagnate, you die.

I agree Paul. I think it could bring about MORE home sales as prices settle into a more realistic range.

Now’s the time to push LISTING inspections as a selling point for their house:

Been doing that too. Forgot it on the list. :wink:

The market seems to be booming here again, the first week of July was slow as usual, people taking vacations etc.

ARM’s are coming due, repo’s are up, sellers are taking low ball offers, investors are buying, builders are low balling their stock-pile, market is good!

With all the LOW BALLING…thank GOD for Home Inspectors…:slight_smile:

Indeed…there is much more money in other ventures…Like buying the low-ball homes…:smiley:

Are you a “FLIPPER” Dale…lol

I’ve always found that when things slow down in any industry you get the same result. It’s like shaking the apple tree and a bunch of apples fall to the ground. The apples that are in it for the long run hang on. It’s sort of a cleansing process and it gets rid of the competition that was never really committed anyway…and that’s fine with me and all the other good apples!


G. Mendes


I hear ya brother…

Here is how I look at it…

A.) In a sellers market they DICTATE what they want to offer, alter or negotiate because they know someone is right around the corner willing to pay the price they want IF they hang in long enough.

B. In a buyers market the BUYER has more negotiation room and well want to make sure the VALUE is their still as it is STILL a large investment. The Seller is will entertain the idea of “THINGS” like Inspections and what have you more so than they would in a strong sellers market…

The beauty in MY mind when a market starts to trend to a Buyers market as it pertains to the HI is marketing…THIS is the time to target the actual HOME BUYER in ad’s and so on…so I guess ( and it is only my opinion and what I like to practice ) when it starts to slow and I hear agents say some things are not selling as they were…I start to slowly UP my marketing, try to get into the agents offices to speak ( even if I do not care for them…they still bring you business ) and start promoting the services…

As for “weeding” out the competition…that generally happens on it’s own in my opinion…lol…it is called starvation…:slight_smile:

That’s what I was thinking.

It’s definitely a buyer’s market right now, and I think that means alot more homes will be selling.

I have a realtor friend who has three houses closing all at once now. This slowdown could be good because the buyers won’t be in such a panic and so willing to forego the inspections to beat the other guy.

I think things will gradually start picking up. :slight_smile:

My thinking is a buyers market is where houses are not selling a fast, and the buyer gets alot of options, and sellers are anxious to move them with a lower price. Therefore the inspection will help negotiate better. It works for me anyway.

Wouldn’t that make it a sellers market? I am so confused.

No, the difference is in who has the most power. Right now it’s the buyer.

Ya, but what gives te buyer more power ? Houses not moving ? And then we they start moving, doesn’t it become a sellers ???

Definitions of Buyers Market on the Web:

  • A market condition which occurs in real estate where more homes are for sale than there are interested buyers.
    Market conditions that favor buyers ie there are more sellers than buyers in the market. As a result buyers have ample choice of properties and may negotiate lower prices. Buyers markets may be caused by an economic slump or overbuilding.

A period existing in the real estate market, whereas the number of available homes exceeds the number of buyers actively searching for a home. Such a condition could potentially favor the buyer because home sellers must remain flexible in their pricing and contract requirements in order to compete with the large volume of other home sellers.

When the demand for property is less than the supply so advantages shift to the buyer during negotiations.

Got to love the positive attitude.


I believe no matter what the market there is ample oppurtunity to make a successful living.