I flooded a house today

On a high end home I was inspecting the shower pan leaked like it was not even there. This was a nice, in great condition home with no visible signs of problems in the shower area.

I flushed the toilet had the sink running(this was the second bath that I was checking in the home) when I turned on the shower the toilet was just about done.

I expected no problems the corners were well caulked and everything looked great. The buyer asked a question about the boat lift and 3-5 minutes later I had water all over the bathroom and bedroom. Luckily it was all tile!

We called the seller and they admitted they had issues the prior week including having the shower re-grouted and roto-rooter clearing the lines. They also admitted they never got a chance to check the shower afterward. They appologized and said they would have it fixed.

Wasted and hour of my time, but could have been worse. I am thankful for the help cleaning it up, including the buyer and agents and I was not late to my next inspection.

Wooo, Could have been worse for sure. Glad it worked out for the best with just some time lost and a good story to show for it.

I had one today that I got lucky on, A condo with all new wood floors and recent full renovation. I checked under the sink before I ran the dishwasher…noticed or did not notice the discharge line for the dishwasher just an empty spot on the disposal, further investigation and found it had been disconnected and pushed back through the side of the cabinet and was just laying there. If I had run the dishwasher without looking it would have discharged all over the new wood floors.

That’s why I never leave the room when water is running. It’s too easy to get distracted.

Been there done that:(

Never, ever leave a room with water running.:cool:

I had a dishwasher catch on fire last week though…:twisted:

Thanks to all for sharing the stories! The challenges keep this job fun!



I’m not sure what to say about an inspector who needs to carry specialized tools to clean up his mess. :shock:


Although, I’m biased, I carry a shop vac too.

I’ve learned having a standard grade towel is good item to have in one’s tool bag as well. I take 1/2 a bath towel and keep it handy!

Me too. I was kidding my communist, atheist friend Brian. :smiley:

Sheesh…I didn’t even post here and I thought you were referring to myself!!!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I thought it was funny Joe…

Merry Christmas :smiley:

This happens but at least no one tried to blame you for taking a shower too many!
Could not hold your water!
This reminds me of a foreclosure inspection for which I had driven far to perform. It had a well and when we walked in, we noticed that the well water had filled the basement.
A visiting “party” must have tried the water well and since it was not primed, they fourgot to turn it off and they left the home. You can guess what happened next!.. Anyways going back to your post, I am glad the shower did not go through the floor for you!
Beauchemin,Marc-Andre- BMAinspection.com

Joe, if you recall from a couple of years ago, Brian has developed an aversion to ‘buckets’! ;-):mrgreen:

Too bad he removed the photo. It was quite a ‘hoot’! :twisted::smiley: