QOD 2-20-2006 Appliances

Lets see if this works.

Take the owners manual out


Hmmm…my house was flooded by a Inspector who did not check the Washing Machine Drain pipe!

Not a NACHI inspector of course!!

Take all the Tupperware out… Packing Materials…Rodents…LOL

Hate the machine back. It works for me. :wink:

Erol Kartal

may as well add soap and then when your done, put the dishes away too. they’ll love you for it.

The correct answer is Check the drain line connection.

When taking tests you will find many questions that have key words in them such as this one did. Be sure to read and understand what the question is asking for before answering.

I started one about a year ago (door was closed, just a rinse and hold) 30 seconds later the HO (lady of the house) comes running in and stops it…
Seems her husband never put a dish away so she stored (hid) her Ding Dongs in there!

I always get permission (if they’re there), check the inside and the drain line! :slight_smile:

Look inside first and pull out the boxes of Ho Hos and Twinkies. I had a house Frau come running into the kitchen to save her stash. Since her husband would never do the dishes, she hid the goodies in there. With the way she dashed into the kitchen you would have thought I started a fire or killed the cat! :shock:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

… ask your wife how to operate it.

Get the check book and important life insurence policy out

Almosty 100 votes, kick ***!!!

ggggrrrrrrrr. this one too.

I ran a Dishwasher once that leaked all over the Kitchen Floor and into the Basement.

The disclosure was not provided to the Inspector prior to the date of the scheduled Inspection.

Any damage that may have occurred thru the operation of installed appliances is the responsibility of the Seller if not previously disclosed as to dysfunction.

Same thing happened to me. Vacant house, not a towel, piece of toilet paper, etc. in the place. Selling agent called the listing agent, and told her to come clean up her mess.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Hey 1st post 1st answer correct. \:D/

Quit now 100% never to be seen again .

Want some real excitement?

Add dishwashing liquid and stand back and observe.

My first post must of been Yuengling induced. (8’)