I had dinner with Joe Biden last night...

and a dozen secret service agents.

O.K. I’ll bite…and?

Did you get us any inspections?

Funny, I’d have thought you’d have been here:




Nick did you wear your Palin for President T-shirt?

Biden thought he was invited to have dinner with someone from nato, much to bidens surprise, he was really meeting with someone from nachi, go figure…:smiley:

Afterwards Biden was overheard saying “Gromicko is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” :smiley:


Thanks for the coca cola up the nose John

O hell…we are going from Joe the Plumber to Nick the Inspector. I hope Nick has all his taxes in order!

No, honestly, Lisa Endza was there too. They even put secret service in the kitchen.

So did he get your vote? :slight_smile:


I never wish harm on anyone. I don’t even swat flies. But I hope McCain wins and dies the next day.

President Sarah, 2008.

Its late… get some sleep!:stuck_out_tongue: