Bye bye Brian, it was fun.

We at InterNACHI wish you well.

Good move, Nick.

Like a drunk at your dinner party who puts a lampshade on his head and dances on you coffee table, it’s funny and fun… for a while.

It is so sad that he could not stop attacking.
He did have a good amount of knowledge and I respected him for this.:frowning:
I had respect for Mike Homes when he first started even though he made some big mistakes in front of his TV audience. He really wanted to help people but when he started into HI and pulled many into his Holmes Group I was shocked at his actions.:shock:

did i miss something?

Thanks nick. It was the right thing to do.

He emails me every now and then.
I asked him to invest his education by sharing with others.
The ones that are truly blind are the ones that do not look at their own reflection.
Yes Nick. That was the high road.

BS Robert. I know why Brian is gone and you don’t.

You may notice that Nick hasn’t said why.

Think about it.

Michel you truly do not under stand.
Again I wish you piece.
You think I delight in what happened. Michel you certainly know little of the person I am.
Maybe you sir live for disruptive arrogance, braggarts, disruptive behavior negativity, demeaning others accomplishments, confrontations and to be confrontational not me.
One day the light of reflection and the deep humbling experience that knocks you to your knees and takes way you sense of time, awakens your morality.
Be willing to accept it.
Let it be more gentle on you than you are to others.
I just hope it is not too violent in nature for and on you.
Piece Michel. I will pray for you, You need it.

Hey Larson,

I know the reason why Brian got booted and Robert knows why too, so don’t think you are the only one.

And I am still here, what are you doing about it?

All talk as usual with no substantive reasons to back up anything you have to say!


Clue me in. Send me an e-mail on it.


It’s not the drunk at the party with a lampshade that annoys the homeowner. It’s when he pisses on the carpets when it becomes a problem.:shock:

For sure Joe.
The lamp shade guy.
And if he took Viagra an hour before, to piss on the carpet he has to stand on his head.
Thus ruining the lamp shade and carpet toboot… HA HA HA
I apologized to everyone and left the party.
Just kidding.:roll: